2010 Regular Season

Wild Card Game: Colts 7 vs Jets Open Thread #2

So after 4 straight Punts, and with commentators lauding the Jets defense of the long ball, Manning decided to say, “Please and Thank you,” and gift wrap a 57 yard touchdown to Pierre Garcon.  This only took 25 minutes to accomplish, but at least the defense is being stout.  Muir has a sack, and Foster, Freeney and Mathis all have multiple hits on Sanchez.  Linkenbach is showing himself to be a much better OT.  But it seems the Jets wanted to play little brother, and waited until the Colts scored before driving to the endzon…. ZOMG TRYON PICKED OFF THAT PASS!!!!!  And just as was typing “67 yards, 2 TOs, no problem,” Manning curls up and decides to just pack it in for the half.

So there you have it boys and girls.  7-0, Colts lead with the Jets getting the ball to start the 2nd half.  Things haven’t been amazing, but they could very easily be worse.  So without further ado, Welcome to the Halftime and Second Half Open Thread!

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