Laura Calaway

Laura Calaway is a behavior change management consultant who has dabbled in amateur sports writing since 2009. She fell in love with the game of football as a young girl, when players like Vince Ferragamo, Eric Dickerson, and Nolan Cromwell graced her father's TV screen (Laura grew up in L.A.). She was originally a fan of the Raiders, and still has a soft spot for Howie Long and Marcus Allen. In 1991 she decided to root for a less "thuggy" team, and - not wanting to appear to be a bandwagon jumper - chose the 1-15 Colts. The fact that Sean Dawkins, one of her contemporaries and favorite players at Cal, soon joined the team only sealed the deal. Known as "LovinBlue" in the Colts blogging community, Laura has a particular interest in player injuries and team dynamics. She has an undergraduate business degree from Cal and MBA from Wharton.

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