I have found that one of the biggest things football fans wish they had more information about is just how to understand and break down what they are watching on the field.  Whether it is general knowledge of what position a player plays, what roles those players or positions fulfill, or an in-depth understanding of why a player goes to a specific spot on the field on a given play.

Some fans have the benefit of advanced football knowledge and may feel that they know all of these things already but there are others who feel less comfortable grasping the concept of all that is going on when they watch their favorite teams play.  During the game, I would bet just about every person who visits this site has experienced handling questions from those with a less advanced football knowledge, or has been the person who was asking those questions and probably received a short response in the heat of the game and left unfulfilled, still feeling that they do not completely understand what is going on.

I am certainly not the master of knowing all things about football, nor the spot on expert of Colts football and how it operates, but I think that I have grasp enough to hopefully aid those who are looking for a bit of an explanation about what is going on when they watch the game, can explain why the Colts focus on speed defensively, elaborate why officials make certain calls, or explain why certain plays break down.  Unlike most pages on this site that do not allow feedback and responses, I think this page is ripe for taking questions so I can cover a wider area of the game than might immediately jump out to me as deserving of an explanation.

I appreciate all who take the time who visit this area of Coltzilla and look forward to hopefully helping create a more educated Colts fan base, and maybe even keep the high energy environment that many football fans and innocent bystanders find themselves in on game day.  A little game day harmony would be good for everyone right?  After all, if you have to sit and watch the game because your husband or boyfriend insists on the Sunday or Monday ritual, knowing a little bit more could make the shared experience more enjoyable for all parties involved.  Really, I just want to help my Mom understand football so we can talk about it on the phone.

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