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Att. Comp CR(%) Yards YPA Drops Over PD TD FD INT
671 450 67.1% 4650 6.93 90 82 51 34 211 17

*  Receiving data includes all passes to WRs, TEs, and RBs

*  “Over” is the number of overthrows where the QB’s throw was not on target.  These include Interceptions as well as Incompletions where the receiver was not in a position to make a play for the ball due to it being over/under-thrown.

*  “PDs” are Passes Defended.  These are any passes where the defensive player covering the receiver uses a part of his body to knock the ball away from the receiver.  It does not include drops as a result of impacts though.

*  “Drops” are any passes where the receiver makes contact with the ball but fails to catch it.  This does not include passes defended.  As a disclaimer, drops do include some plays where it is unlikely the receiver could have stayed in bounds through the catch, but because they made a play for the ball and made contact, it is counted as a drop to avoid bias.


Snaps Rushes Snaps/Run Stuffs Stuff(%) Yards YPR TD FD Fumbles
1203 402 2.993 77 19.2% 1597 3.97 13 73 3

*  Rushing Snaps include the total snaps for each RB, and the number of snaps with which any other position was used as a rusher.

*  Total Rushes do not include kneel downs by the Quarterback, but does include all scrambles and rushes by the QB.

*  Stuffs are any rushing attempt that generates negative yardage, or no yardage.

*  The number of fumbles are the number of fumbles by RBs on running downs, and does not include strip sacks, or fumbles by receivers.

Line Blocking

Snaps S G A TG(%) F M T TB(%) Sacks Hits Pressures
6334 253 2647 1674 72.2% 546 164 238 15.0% 16 78 172

*  Line Blocking Stats are all blocks made along the offensive line by Linemen and Tight Ends.

*  S = Superior Blocks, G = Good Blocks, A = Assisted Blocks, F = Failed Blocks, M = Missed Blocks, T = Turned Blocks

*  TG(%) is the percentage of “Good” or “Successful,” blocks as compared to the total number of snaps [(S + G + A)/Snaps].  Likewise, TB(%) is the percentage of “Bad” or “Unsuccessful” blocks compared to the total number of snaps; [(F + M + T)/Snaps]

*  A “Hit” is any play where a defensive player makes contact with the Quarterback before, during, or immediately following a throw.  This statistic does not include Sacks or Pressures.

*  A “Pressure,” is a subjective statistic defined loosely as any play where the QB is forced to throw “early.”  For this use, it is counted whenever the QB is forced to significantly move in the pocket to avoid a Hit or Sack.  This does not include every instance where a QB steps up in the pocket, mostly depending upon how well the OTs are controlling their defender while escorting them around the pocket.  “Pressures” do not include Sacks or Hits.

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