For some time now I have been encouraged by Colts bloggers, blog contributors, and readers to start a website devoted to espousing my thoughts and insights regarding the Indianapolis Colts.  While I keep a busy schedule, I thought it was time to heed the advice and set up my own spot on the internet to write about my favorite team without stepping on toes or without worrying about the constraints of another website’s theme, vision, or formatting concerns.

It is my hope that Coltzilla will develop into one of the most active and insightful locations on the internet for Colts fans to discuss their favorite team, consider a wide range of opinions about the current state and future of our favorite franchise, and possibly learn more about football and the NFL than they could have otherwise imagined.

I plan to do this without failing to understand or appreciate the contributions of so many others, and hope that Coltzilla will become the first place fans look to find news and analysis by linking to multiple sources of insight outside my own.  Over time, should this blog achieve a popular and sizable following, I will consider adding other writers and contributors to keep content fresh.

I hope you will join in supporting my efforts by visiting the site regularly, adding your comments and observations, and e-mailing me any suggestions you might have for the site.  I am not the most experienced web editor, nor a graphically gifted person, so any insights or contributions in that area would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Coltzilla and I look forward to getting up new content soon!