Scott Bolander of Blue Sunday blog wrote a story detailing how Peyton Manning and the Colts offense operates.  It is rather long and in-depth, and provides a thorough explanation and understanding.  You will find a preview below and I strongly encourage that each of our visitors give the full story a read at Blue Sunday.  The story is a rare masterpiece and Coltzilla would like to congratulate and support Scott’s work.  Very well done Mr. Bolander.

As a fan, retired player, or a member of the media, whatever you think you know about how the Colts offense works is probably mostly incorrect.  This excludes some players or coaches who have regularly played against the Colts.

Here is how it goes:

Clyde Christensen calls in “concepts / ideas” based on the personnel grouping as well as the gameplan developed in concert with Manning and Tom Moore during the practice week.
Generally the personnel grouping (either 2 WRs & 2 TEs, or 3 WRs & 1 TE) at the start of the drive will be chosen based on consensus between Manning, Moore, and Christensen.  Sometimes different groupings will be sent in by Christensen during the course of a drive.  Occasionally Manning disagrees with the choices made for subs and will wave incoming players back to the sidelines.