Darron Cumming | AP Photo

The Coltzilla Draft Board will will examine NFL prospects at each position, focusing on the team’s greatest needs and best fits. It will list 10 players at each position, which will be updated regularly, in order of assumed need.

Indianapolis has a solid core, so the draft will be more about upgrading and adding depth. The Colts greatest focus this off-season should be the offensive line. A primary attribute for potential Colts linemen is the ability to play at more than one position.

Other key need areas are safety and one-tech defensive tackles (run stoppers).

At each other position, the Colts are probably looking for nothing more than depth, unless key players like Joseph Addai are not signed. With Addai’s future still in question, the secondary need areas will be currently rated in order as: running back, cornerback, linebacker, tight end, wide receiver, and quarterback. Coltzilla will cover the quarterbacks just to analyze what players are coming out, even though it is unlikely that Indianapolis will use a pick for depth behind Peyton Manning.

Check in regularly to examine the draft board. Please include your discussion, suggestions, and indicate what players you think might be a good fit for the 2011 Colts. Coltzilla will use this input to create as many draft profiles as possible leading up to the draft.