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It’s Week 17 of the 2010 season, and the 9-6 Colts finish the regular season with a visit from the Tennessee Titans. Win, and the Colts win the AFC South.

UPDATED: Local Post-Game Coverage, Inside The Huddle – Tuesday morning
UPDATED: Sportslocker, Sports Jam, Indy Sports Nation – Monday evening
UPDATED: Colts Pre-Game Show – Sunday evening
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Post-Game Coverage:

The Colts survived a close game with Tennessee to once again claim the AFC South championship. Good defensive play held a potent run game in check, Peyton Manning accumulated 264 passing yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions, and Adam Vinatieri kicked the game winning field goal as time expired.

In pre-game interviews, Coach Caldwell, Dwight Freeney, Antoine Bethea, and other Colts players listed stopping the run, running to set up the pass, and winning the turnover battle as keys to a Colts victory. How’d they do?

Pre-Game Objectives:

  1. Stop the run – Chris Johnson managed only 39 yards on 20 carries, and the Titans as a team only 51. Sunday represented the third straight game of great run D. Grade: A
  2. Run to set up the pass – 101 yards on 25 carries, split between Dom Rhodes (48), Joe Addai (44), and Donald Brown (9). Grade: A
  3. Win the turnover battle – Peyton Manning threw no interceptions. Both teams had a fumble each in the final 3 minutes. Grade: C

Too high? Too low? What do you think?

Pre-Game Coverage:

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Pre-Game Coverage:

In Week 17 pre-game interviews, Coach Jim Caldwell, Gary Brackett, Robert Mathis, and other Colts players discuss what it will take to succeed in the regular season wrap-up against the Tennessee Titans.

To paraphrase:

  1. Stop the run
  2. Run to set up the pass
  3. Win the turnover battle

We’ll find out on Sunday if they’re up to the task.

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