Can the Colts construct another deep playoff run? (Andy Lyons | Getty Images)

Many didn’t expect us to reach this point and in some cases Colts fans didn’t either. However we are here and like the last four games in a sense have been this is the playoffs and a “must win game”.

My keys to the game:

Colts OL: Like all our games but still is true. We must have consistent line play to help out Manning and allow Addai, Brown and Hart to do a respectable job running the ball. This will limit the success of there pass rush and Blitzes.

Colts WR: Lets have another game where the receivers don’t have a ton of drops.

Colts D: We limit LT and Green and we win this game. Sanchez isn’t going to be able to carry the load by himself. There run game is crucial to them having any success in this game on Offense.