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It’s Week 13 of the 2010 season, and the 6-5 Colts host the 3-8 Dallas Cowboys.

UPDATED: Inside The Huddle – Monday evening
UPDATED: Post-Game Coverage – Monday afternoon
UPDATED: Colts Pre-Game Show – Sunday evening
UPDATED: Countdown To Kickoff – Sunday afternoon
UPDATED: Bill Polian Show – Sunday morning
UPDATED: Bracket / Session Injuries – Friday evening

Post-Game Coverage:

The Colts suffered their fourth loss in their last five games, Sunday afternoon, to the then 3-8 Dallas Cowboys. Quarterback Peyton Manning threw four interceptions resulting in 17 Cowboy points. In pre-game interviews, the Colts listed protecting Peyton, stopping the run, and eliminating turnovers as keys to beating the Cowboys. How’d they do?

Inside The Huddle:

Pre-Game Objectives:

  1. Protect Peyton – The numbers say the offensive line gave up zero sacks and one quarterback hit. Numbers can be deceiving as Manning was under pressure much of the game and forced to rush passes. Still, he’s performed better with less time in previous games. Don’t blame the INTs on the O-line. DO blame the lack of a run game on the O-line. A defense that knows you can’t run has a distinct advantage. But this grade is about protection, and the line did OK. Grade: C+
  2. Stop the run – Dallas earned 217 yards on the ground, averaging 4.7 yards per carry. Still, several key stops on short-and-goal were impressive. Grade: D+
  3. Eliminate turnovers – Football is a team game, but if blame for four turnovers is to be placed, it falls squarely on #18. Manning’s four interceptions didn’t solely lose this game, but not many teams can give the ball away this often and win. This year’s Colts can’t. But iv we’re going to talk turnovers, newly signed wide receiver Taj Smith’s punt block and return for a touchdown should count for something.Grade: D-

Too high? Too low? Tell me what you think?

Sports Jam:


Indy Sports Nation:

Pre-Game Coverage:

In Week 13 pre-game interviews, Coach Jim Caldwell, and other Colts players discuss what it will take to succeed in today’s contest against the Dallas Cowboys.

To paraphrase:

  1. Protect Peyton
  2. Stop the run
  3. Eliminate turnovers

We’ll find out this afternoon if they’re up to the task.

Colts Pre-Game Show:

Countdown To Kickoff:

Bill Polian Show:

Labor Unrest:

Brackett / Session on Injuries:

Colts Up Close:

Huddle Up Indy with co-hosts Pat McAfee and Adam Vinatieri:

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