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Each week, Coltzilla brings you highlights from local sports coverage of the Colts with an emphasis on player interviews. Pre-game interviews go up Sunday mornings. Post-game interviews are posted shortly after the game. Hope you enjoy!

I’m always impressed by the intelligence and insights shared by Colts player in these interviews with local Indy media. Hope you enjoy…

Joe Addai on second half adjustments – ‘We’re just going to adjust to whatever they do.’

Gary Brackett on Melvin Bullitt – ‘Obviously, we feel bad for Bob, but we got a saying around here Next Man Up. And Melvin has been in that situation before, and he did a great job again tonight for us.’

Robert Mathis on putting Week 1 behind them – ‘Ever since the final whistle of that game, we was ready to play again.’ And on Freeney’s strip-sack and Fili Moala’s recovery for a TD ‘We got skills too’.

Fili Moala on feeding off the D-Line pressure – ‘That was one of the biggest points of emphasis coming into this week was getting pressure on the quarterback and shutting down the run.’

Jerraud Powers on his interception – ‘He (Bethea) tipped the ball, and I was playing for the tip, to be honest. You know, selfish on my part, but it came right to me.’

Jeff Saturday on Joe Addai’s play thus far – ‘Joe’s played great … he’s rushing well … he’s fresh, man the kid’s playing hard … he blocks well. I got a ton of respect for what he does.’

Reggie Wayne on having an effective rushing attack – ‘Even with all the weapons we have in the receiving room, also with the tight ends, running the ball is our bag.’


Eli Manning on the Colts’ talent – ‘They made more big plays than we did.’ /ya think?

In these pre-game interviews, Peyton Manning, Austin Collie, and Robert Mathis discuss what it’s like to start the season with a loss.

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