Richard Roberts of the Cleveland Daily Banner wrote a story discussing Colts fourth round draft pick, Jacques McClendon.  The story outlines the rookie guard’s development from a high school player, to a walk-on at the University of Tennessee, to getting drafted to help protect the greatest player in Tennessee history.

Looking through some of McClendon’s comments, which you will find after the break, there is ample reason to be excited about the young player’s development and potential to provide the Colts with a real boost along an offensive line that has struggled to generate a push in the ground game in recent seasons.

Dave Martin | AP Photo

I’ve been up there all summer working out with the team and making sure I’m doing what I need to be doing to get myself in the best possible shape to fit into their system.

I’m just trying to get up to speed and make sure I’m doing the right techniques and doing the right things to make sure I put myself in the best position to succeed.

All the offensive linemen have been very helpful to me, trying to teach me the protections and the offense. I just look up to them for leadership. They have been really great. None of them have looked down at me. They all want to help because they feel they are only as good as their weakest link. They want to get the rookies ready to play.

I’m at the point where I am progressing every day. As long as I can practice and say, ‘OK, this day was better than yesterday’ its going to take me farther in my preparation.

There is no telling what the future holds. I’m going to go out there every day and give it my all. What God wants to happen will happen.

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