Although Randy Moss is a surefire Hall of Fame wide receiver, he has had a terrible season to this point on two different teams, both with top 5 quarterbacks.  Now he is in the AFC South, with the Titans who have an aging Kerry Collins and an unproven and inconsistent Vince Young who does his best work as a game manager.  His presence should pay obvious immediate dividends for Chris Johnson.  How will it affect the discipline the team has had to instill in Young?  This post is for comments, thoughts, discussions between Colts fans on the Titans new receiver.

*For what it’s worth, I was never really that scared of Randy Moss when he was with the Patriots.  I knew that he was a deep threat, and a match-up nightmare for single coverage but otherwise, I feared Wes Welker a lot more than Moss.  The Titans do not have a Wes Welker.  Maybe I’m foolish, but the move does not really worry me.  Titans fans, though, generally seem to think this move will allow them to beat the Colts and Texans, win the AFC South, and play for a Super Bowl title.  What are your thoughts?