Brent Smith | Reuters

Will Addai have another big game?

Today has been a great day of football with a couple upsets.

Sundays results to this point:

Chiefs 31 Lions 20 Dolphins 23 Ravens 20
Texans 35 Giants 28 Packers 20 Patriots 23
Falcons 17 Seahawks 23 Chargers 17 Browns 10
Eagles 31 Bears 20 Rams 20 Steelers 28
Saints 31 Cowboys 21 Raiders 6 Jets 24
Bucs 6 Vikings 24 49‘ers 17 Broncos 20

Tonight’s game is a very interesting match-up, with some big keys to the game and interesting story-lines.

1. Pass Defense: Cornerback Kelvin Hayden and strong safety Aaron Francisco need to limit or shut down the long ball.  The Colts are facing a quarterback in Donovan McNabb that has the arm and accuracy to get the ball down field.

* Another big match-up is Trent Williams against Dwight Freeney, who will try to sack his old college teammate.

2. Run Offense: Backup running back Mike Hart could make an impact in this game as he will likely get a lot of carries.  If the Colts can get him going up the middle against the Redskins 3-4 defense it will open up the middle of the field a lot for slot receiver Austin Collie and tight end Dallas Clark.

3. Pass Offense: After all of the Colts’ wide receivers practiced this week, there should be noticeably better timing with Manning, and fewer drops.

4. Angerer: Second round draft pick Pat Angerer will get his first start at middle linebacker and will have a chance to show coaches and fans what he can do.  Gap discipline has been a common problem for the linebackers much of this season, so keeping an eye on this facet of the rookie’s game could be an important indicator for the Colts chances to win.

Active/Inactive news: Both Haynesworth and Brackett are out for the game.