One of Pierre Garcon's two touchdown receptions against the Titans in week 14. (Joe Howell | AP Photo)

Each week, Coltzilla previews the upcoming game by speaking with fellow bloggers or writers who cover the Colts’ upcoming opponent. This week Coltzilla speaks with Jimmy Morris, lead blogger at Music City Miracles on SBN, to get a Titans perspective on what they expect from this game and what they think their team needs to do this off-season.

CZ: As you go into your last game of the season and one that you know has meaning for the Colts, what do you feel the mindset of the team is right now? Do you think they are going to be playing their hardest or have they already sort of said “forget it”?  I know some fans on your site believe the team has given up on the coach.

JM: I don’t see any shot the Titans put up much of a fight in this one. They laid eggs in Houston and against Jacksonville when a win would have put them in first in the division, so I don’t see any scenario where they get motivated to play well with the idea of spoiling someone else’s season even if it is the Colts.

CZ: Reflection on this disappointing season for you guys – what do you think your team needs to improve most? How do you see them solving the issue?

JM: Well they have to get a quarterback.  It has become clear that Vince Young is not the answer here, and this is a quarterback league.  I don’t know if Titans owner Bud Adams will cut VY, but if he does, they will have to decide if there is going to be a guy in the draft they like or if they are going to try to sign a guy like Donovan McNabb as a stop gap. This thing has spiraled out of control this year, but if you look at the roster there is a good amount of young talent so it doesn’t need to be a complete blow up job.

CZ: Going off of that, what is your opinion on the Adams/Fisher issue. We got Fisher who doesn’t want VY which is understandable. However, your owner has said he is sticking with VY over his 17-year coach it seems. How do you see this playing out?

JM: I honestly have no idea at this point.  I know that Bud really does like the coach, but as you said it is pretty obvious that he is in love with VY as well.  If he tries to bring both back, it is going to be a disaster.  There is a rumor out there that the Titan coach has a clause in his contract that says he has complete control over the final 53 man roster.  If that is true he could force Bud’s hand and have a way to walk away if Bud says VY has to stay.  I would love to be a fly on the wall for that year end meeting.

CZ: Lastly, I’m going to change it up. You can go ahead and give your prediction for the Colts vs. Titans game. But I’d also like to know your prediction for the winner of the division that is coming down to the wire between the Jags and Colts.

JM: Colts win big and win the division.  Like I said above, I don’t see the Titans putting up much of a fight in this one so the Colts win and are in.